Date: 10-29-2014

Hi Sorne,

I hope you're having a great week! I want you to know that the sofa and the bench are soooo beautiful. I look at them in amazement. I apologize that I haven't let you know sooner. But I'm in awe and can't wait to get everything pulled together in my living room... hopefully by Christmas.

Again thank you for all your help!

Warm regards,

Raleigh, North Carolina



Date: 11-01-2014

Hello Sorne,

I received the mirror yesterday afternoon and late last night I unpacked it myself.

It is absolutely spectacular and I very much admire the beautiful marquetry work !!! Lovely patina also!

Thank you very much for packing it so well ! Everything arrived safely !

As I mentioned before we will start building our house soon and I am looking for West Indian and sometimes British furniture pieces. I will always keep an eye on your web-site and 1stdibs!

It was really a pleasure doing business with you and I hope to meet you in person one of these days!!

Best wishes,

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

PS I am retired and do bird watching/filming /nature etc in my free time .Would love to hear about the episodes ... sounds like fun !!



Date: 07-01-2015

Dear Sorne,

My girandole has been cleared and is now finally in its new home in my bathroom at Rockfield. It looks so wonderful there that I waved to it, as if to a human being, when I left.

My bathroom was very stark and all this time, who knew that it needed a girandole to give it a little touch of silly, feminine luxury, something to make the whole room smile. I adore it and wanted you to know how happy its made me.

Have passed your card on to another friend who has a lovely country house three hills over and told her on her next trip to Miami not to miss stopping in.

Love and thanks,

Judy Ann
Rockfield, Jamaica



Date: 08-02-2015

Hi Sorne,

Things went very well with Sunset – both pick-up and delivery.

The new vitrine fits very well in our house in Massachusetts.

Hope all is well.

Miami, Florida



Date: 06-04-2015

The secretary arrived. It is beautiful.

Thank you,

Little Rock, Arkansas