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There is no rhyme or reason behind our selections for this category except we hope to motivate you into reconsidering something you may have been looking at before. But, please don't get too cozy thinking they will be on sale for long. Think of it more as a Flash Sale; here one moment and gone the next. So do take advantage of the wonderful savings today!
Set of 4 Framed 18th Century Hand-Colored Engravings of Monkeys by G. Buffon
A set of (4) four very fine hand-colored copper plate engravings on handmade...
$3, 250.00
$2, 600.00
British Colonial Four Poster Queen Size Bed in Cuban Mahogany, circa 1820
An extremely beautiful British-colonial bed from the West Indies in Cuban...
$22, 500.00
$18, 000.00
Antique 18th Century Louis XV French Buffet a Deux Corps in Solid Walnut c. 1780
An 18th century buffet a deux corps in walnut with a cabinet resting above...
$14, 500.00
$5, 950.00
18th Century Long Spanish-Colonial Dining Table with Carved Trestle-Base
A gorgeous Spanish-colonial trestle-base dining table from the Philippines,...
$12, 500.00
$9, 500.00
Pair of Late Baroque-Style Venetian Gondola Lanterns
A very beautiful and highly decorative pair of Baroque style Belle Époque...
$12, 500.00
$5, 950.00
20th Century Vintage Table Lamp with Cast Metal Base with Distressed Gold Paint
A decorative vintage table lamp with cast metal base washed in gold paint and...
Pair of White Porcelain Lamps with Luster Ware Glaze & Gilding, France, circa 1925
Overall 15 1/2" wide x 32 3/4" high. Base 5 1/2" square. Shade 15 1/2" wide x...
$2, 750.00
$1, 250.00
Set of Six Arts & Crafts Dining Chairs with Upholstered Seat, Scandinavian, circa 1900
A set of six Arts & Crafts or Jugendstil dining chairs in painted wood with...
$5, 250.00
$3, 250.00
Chinese Table with Black Lacquer & Three Drawers, circa 1780
A very handsome 19th century Qing dynasty Chinese table on square legs with...
$3, 750.00
$2, 550.00
Arts & Crafts Bar Cabinet in Oak with Carved Panels, England, circa 1900
A handsome and rather singular Arts & Crafts bar cabinet in oak with...
$3, 750.00
$2, 250.00
French Rococo Style Three-Light Chandelier in Bronze Doré, circa 1900
15 1/4" diameter x 22 1/2" drop. From the Belle Époque, a very lovely...
$2, 750.00
$2, 200.00
New York Meeks & Sons Writing Table in Plum Mahogany w/ Leather, circa 1850
A very handsome Rococo Revival writing table in a fine plum mahogany...
$8, 750.00
$6, 125.00
Pair of 19th Century Jacobean Style Throne Chairs with Carved Royal Plumes
A fine pair of Jacobean Style throne chairs from the late 1800s with carved...
$6, 450.00
$4, 500.00
Fine Pair of Early 19th Century American Rococo Revival Chairs in Mahogany
An exquisite pair of very finely carved Rococo-style chairs in mahogany with...
$8, 400.00
$5, 890.00
Pair of 19th Century French Bronze Cherubs on Marble Base
Pair of 19th Century French Bronze Cherubs on Marble Base 6 1/2" wide x 6...
$4, 200.00
$2, 450.00
Pair of 19th Century Green Marble Vase Candelabra with Bronze Doré Mounts
A lovely pair of French Louis XVI style candelabra with turned...
$6, 750.00
$5, 065.00
Napoleon III Hall Cabinet in Walnut with Ormolu in the Louis XVI Style
Napoleon III interpretation of a Louis XVI cabinet or bookcase with original...
$8, 400.00
$5, 250.00
New York City Belle Epoque Cabinet from the American Golden Age, circa 1890
From the American Golden Age, a very fine Belle Époque Sideboard or Buffet...
$10, 500.00
$7, 450.00
English Edwardian Kneehole Desk in Satinwood with Inlays & Swag Decorations, c. 1900
A lovely Edwardian knee-hole desk or vanity table in satinwood with bell...
$8, 490.00
$6, 250.00
African Tribal Art Igbo or Igala Cast Bronze Bell, West Africa, Nigeria
Measures: 4 1/4" wide x 4 1/4" deep x 8" high. Traditional Tribal Art cast...
Set of Four English Regency Dining Chairs in Mahogany with Upholstered Seat
19" wide x 18 1/2" deep x 32 1/2" high (Seat height: 19"). A fine set of...
$5, 750.00
$4, 600.00
Set of Six Louis Philippe Dining Chairs with Carved Balloon-Back & Upholstered Seat, Belgium, circa 1835
A very lovely set of six dining chairs in mahogany of high quality with...
$9, 750.00
$7, 150.00
American Empire Sleigh Sofa in Mahogany Attributable to Meeks, circa 1835
A very beautiful and elegant American Empire sleigh-sofa attributable to...
$10, 500.00
$5, 500.00
Pair of Danish Art Deco Club Chairs in Mahogany with Upholstery, circa 1920s
A stunning pair of very comfortable Danish Art Deco armchairs with fluted...
$10, 500.00
$7, 450.00
18th Century Qing Chinese Altar Table with Fine Carvings
A very lovely table embellished with fine carvings on drawer fronts and...
$6, 800.00
$3, 400.00
Contemporary Custom Console Table with Inlaid Bamboo and Palmwood Top
A very beautiful narrow table with sleek lines, featuring a finely inlaid top...
$5, 750.00
$2, 750.00
Painted Scandinavian Chest of Drawers, circa 1790
An 18th century Scandinavian chest with a painted white/grey finish...
$8, 450.00
$5, 160.00
Empire Marquetry Sofa in Mahogany with Satinwood Inlays, circa 1820
A lovely and well-proportioned marquetry sofa with arched back, scroll arms...
$14, 500.00
$8, 750.00
English Regency Corner Cabinet in Mahogany with Glass Panel Door, circa 1820
An English Regency corner cupboard in mahogany with pediment top, glazed and...
$8, 250.00
$6, 450.00
Qing Elm Storage Cabinet with Carved Ebonized Panels Depicting the Four Seasons, China, circa early 1800's
A lovely Chinese cabinet in elm with four small doors with carved ebonized...
$6, 750.00
$4, 750.00
North German Pine Sun Armoire, circa 1800
This exceptional armoire from the area of Bremen has the original pink gesso...
$12, 500.00
$6, 995.00
Small Empire Commode or Chest of Drawers in Mahogany with Marble Columns
A beautiful Swedish Empire commode in Cuban mahogany with marble columns...
$6, 750.00
$4, 725.00
Long Chinese Shanxi Bench in Elm, circa 1780-1820
From the Shanxi province in China, an exceptionally beautiful and long bench...
$9, 950.00
$6, 995.00
Gilded Age American Neo-Gothic Carved Settee in Mahogany, circa 1890
An exceptionally beautiful settee with upholstered seat and carved mahogany...
$8, 750.00
$5, 950.00
Neo-Renaissance Oak Blanket Chest
A handsome hinged chest in a dark oak with a rich patina, composed of antique...
$2, 750.00
$1, 650.00
Dining Table in Mahogany with Carved Lyre Trestle Base and Inset Marble Top
75" long x 46" wide x 29 3/4" high (leg clearance: 27"). Carved Honduran...
$12, 500.00
$4, 750.00
German Biedermeier Vitrine in Ash, circa 1835
An early Biedermeier cabinet in beautiful ash wood whose etched glass upper...
$3, 890.00
$1, 945.00
French Dining Table in Satinwood with Marquetry, c. 1900
Satinwood and Mahogany Dining Table with Marquetry in Sunburst Pattern and...
$5, 890.00
$4, 150.00
Viennese Biedermeier Chest of Drawers in Walnut, circa 1820
A handsome early Biedermeier commode in figured walnut, with three drawers...
$8, 950.00
$5, 750.00
Carved Oak Marriage or Dowry Chest, dated 1735
A Baroque dower chest or trunk with portico carvings and the carved name of...
$3, 750.00
$2, 650.00
English Regency Octagonal Sewing Table in Rosewood with Marquetry, circa 1835
A little jewel of a sewing table in prized rosewood with an octagonal top...
$6, 750.00
$4, 725.00
French Louis XIII Revival Cupboard in Carved Oak
A Renaissance Revival Cupboard or Vaiselier in the style of Louis XIII from...
$4, 250.00
$2, 975.00
Empire Pedestal Cabinet in Mahogany with Faux Tortoise, Denmark, c. 1810
A very handsome and rare form, this mahogany Empire, pedestal cabinet has...
$8, 750.00
$5, 950.00
"Summer Day", Oil on Canvas by Danish Artist Frederic William Svendsen (1885-1975)
A very lovely painting of a Scandinavian manor house interior on a bright...
$2, 800.00
$1, 687.00
18th Century Danish Baroque Block Front Chest of Drawers in Oak, circa 1730
45" long x 24.5" deep x 49.5" high Circa: 1750 Period: 18th Century...
$7, 890.00
$5, 750.00
18th Century Tyrolean Table, Austria, c. late 1700's
An exceptionally beautiful farm house table from Austria in fruit wood with...
$5, 250.00
$3, 750.00
19th Century Italian Neo-Classical Painted Cabinet
A very beautiful and tall Italian neoclassical-style cabinet with polychromed...
$12, 950.00
$7, 450.00
A Small Danish Louis XVI 18th Century Chest of Drawers in Mahogany, circa 1780
A small Louis XVI chest in mahogany offering four drawers with bowed front....
$8, 400.00
$4, 950.00
Biedermeier Console with Mirror in Cuban Mahogany, Northern Europe, c. 1835
37" wide x 14.5" deep x 104.5" high. Circa: 1835 Period: 19th Century...
$10, 950.00
$6, 500.00
Christian VIII Sideboard in Mahogany with Serpentine Front, Denmark, circa 1840
In the manner of well-known German/ Danish designer/architect Gustav...
$12, 500.00
$8, 750.00
Empire Tall Chest with Seven Drawers in Cuban Mahogany, Denmark, circa 1825
A very beautiful chest with seven drawers in fine West Indies mahogany....
$8, 500.00
$6, 000.00
French Belle Epoque Table with Parquetry, Marquetry and Ormolu Mounts, c. 1870
French Belle Époque Table in the style of Louis XV with parquetry, marquetry...
$6, 500.00
$3, 250.00
French Empire Bath Tub with Embossed Design, c. 1800
A handsome zinc bathtub from Napoleon's French Empire, with embossed design....
$2, 250.00
$1, 575.00
Large Blanket Chest or Trunk in Pine, Europe, c. 1800
A large storage or blanket chest in pine with dome-top and resting on...
$1, 090.00
Louis XV "Garde Manger a Tiroir" /Cupboard in Cherry, Brittany, France, c. 1760
A rare and charming Louix XV "Garde Manger a Tiroir" from Brittany, France,...
$6, 490.00
$3, 245.00
Pair of Antique Serpentine-Front Cabinets with Mirrors, Northern Europe, c. 1850
A very beautiful pair of consoles with serpentine-front & the original...
$14, 250.00
$9, 250.00
Qing Cabinet in Elm with Cinnabar Red Lacquer & Carved Peonies, Circa 1800
A very beautiful Chinese cabinet in elm with original cinnabar (red) lacquer...
$2, 950.00
$2, 295.00
Shaving Stand in mahogany with marquetry in tulip-wood & kingswood, Holland, c. 1835
An exceptionally beautiful shaving stand in mahogany with marquetry in...
$4, 250.00
$2, 975.00
Swedish Empire/ Gustavian Mirror in Carved & Gilded Wood, c. 1825
A large and impressive Empire mirror in giltwood from the court of...
$6, 850.00
$4, 150.00
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