Bonnin Ashley Custom Bench-Made Scandinavian-Inspired Trestle Dining Table

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This custom bench-made design was inspired by a beautiful 18th century Swedish plank-top table that was in our inventory. Our top is made of re-purposed pine floor boards from Europe that were finished with traditional Scandinavian lye & chalk. The trestle base & stretcher are made of poplar & have been finished like the top with the white (lye & chalk), traditional to the Gustavian pallet. Note: There are many other options for building & finishing this table which are listed under variations, and includes the possibility of adding leaves to the ends. Table disassembles into four sections to facilitate transportation & installation.

Sourcing our wood:
The pine planks that we are using for the tabletop were first recycled from a Gouda cheese factory in Holland where they were used as drying planks for the newly formed cheese wheels after being dipped in wax. We imported these boards to the US in the late 1990s where they were then made into floor boards. The floor boards were finished with a traditional Danish chalk & lye finish. These floor boards are now being re-purposed as table tops!

We use two sliding dovetail cross braces to connect the table to the trestle bases. This is done by cutting a dovetail socket the width of the underside of the table and then driving the pin and tail cut on the top of the cross brace through the channel. This allows the table to expand & contract regardless of the climatic conditions & will prevent the tabletop from checking or cupping. The support bracket is then pegged to the upper trestle bases. Our cabinetry shop employs 19th century joinery techniques that we have learned & come to understand through 35 years of working closely with antique furniture in the process of restoration.

Bonnin Ashley (Cabinetmaker)

Height: 30". Width: 84". Depth: 36"

Gustavian (In the Style Of)

Materials and Techniques:

Place of Origin:
United States

21st Century

Date of Manufacture:

Production Type:
New & Custom(Current Production)

Estimated Production Time:
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Plank top with original limed finish has been sealed with a water base matt polyurethane finish to make it easy to clean and maintain.


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