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Bonnin Ashley Antiques imports the highest quality Antique Furniture, Vintage Furniture, Antiques and Collectibles from across the world. Collection includes American, Asian, French, English, European, Scandinavian Antiques and more. Our antiques are meticulously reviewed for quality and authenticity, and carefully restored. What you see online does not represent our entire inventory. If you don't see what you are searching for, please feel free to send us an e-mail inquiry.
French Louis Philippe Period Armchair in Mahogany, c. 1830
25.5" wide x 28" deep x 44" high Circa: 1830 Period: 19th Century...
New York Empire Sideboard Attributable to Duncan Phyfe
79 1/2" wide x 26" deep x 43 1/2" high. An exceptionally fine and rare New...
Pair of Biedermeier Style Birch Side Chairs from Finland, c. 1920
Circa: 1920 Period: 20th Century Origin: Finland Style: Biedermeier
Set of 4 Dining Chairs in Mahogany, c. 1910
Circa: 1910 Period: 20th Century
Set of Four Jugendstil Chairs, c. 1910
Circa: 1910 Period: 20th Century Origin: Northern Europe Northern...
Large Blanket Chest or Trunk in Pine, Europe, c. 1800
A large storage or blanket chest in pine with dome-top and resting on...
$1, 090.00
French Louis XV Style Stool, c.1900
17" long x 17" deep x 25" tall Circa: 1900 Period: 19th Century...
Antique Swedish Wine Table in Pine, c. 1850
18.5" diameter x 29.5" high Circa: 1850 Period: 19th Century Origin:...
Antique Swedish Pine Table In Original Paint c. early 1800's
18.5" diameter; 29.5"high Circa: 1800 Period: 18th Century Origin:...
$1, 050.00
Antique Chair in Sculpted French-Polished Hardwood
18" wide x 18.5" deep x 38 high
$1, 150.00
Antique English Bamboo Table with Faux Tortoise Finish, c.1900
22.5" wide x 16" deep x 28.5" high Circa: 1900 Period: 19th Century...
$1, 200.00
Custom Pine End Table or Nightstand in the Northern European Jugendstil Style
24" wide x 18 3/4" deep x 24" high. Small pine table with drawer...
$1, 250.00
Set of Six Pennsylvania 1/2 Spindle Back Plank Seat Chairs, circa 1870
17 1/4" wide x 18" deep x 32" high, seat height 17 1/2" A beautiful...
$2, 750.00
$1, 250.00
Side Table with Turned Legs and Drawer
20" wide x 20.5" deep x 23" high Period: 18th Century Condition: Good...
$1, 250.00
Vintage Italian Stool with Brass Frame and Black Upholstered Seat
A lovely Italian stool in the neoclassical style with gleaming brass frame...
$1, 250.00
Swedish Potty Chair in Pine with Painted Chalk Finish, c. 1820
22.5" wide x 21" deep x 36" high. A charming and beautiful chair with...
$1, 400.00
Biedermeier Style Table in Pine, c. 1900
32" long x 28” wide x 30" high. Circa: 1820 Period: 19th Century...
$1, 450.00
Custom Pine Writing Table or Desk in the Northern European Jugendstil Style
39 1/2" wide x 24 1/2" deep X 30" high. Leg clearance from floor to...
$1, 450.00
Pine Table with Drawer, circa 1825
46" long; 29" wide"; 29.5" high, With one drawer Circa: 1825 Period:...
$1, 550.00
Louis XVI Style Gilded Salon Chair with Upholstered Seat, France, circa 1900
17" wide x 19 1/2" deep x 32" high. Seat Height 18". A lovely Louis XVI...
$1, 650.00
Neo-Renaissance Oak Blanket Chest
A handsome hinged chest in a dark oak with a rich patina, composed of antique...
$2, 750.00
$1, 650.00
Pair of Dutch Belle Epoque Chairs in Walnut with Upholstered Seat & Back, circa 1900
Circa: 1890 Period: 19th Century A lovely pair of Side or Dining Chairs...
$1, 695.00
Antique Northern European Candle Stick Side Table, c.1850
18" wide x 15" deep x 30" high Circa: 1850 Period: 19th Century...
$1, 750.00
Carved Anglo-Indian Davenport Desk with Griffins
An intricately-carved Anglo-Indian Davenport desk with all-over flower and...
$4, 250.00
$1, 750.00
Pine Desk Fabricated from an Antique European Pine Table by Bonnin Ashley
Functional pine desk, made from an antique table, the drawers, top and apron...
$1, 750.00
Vintage Rustic English Country-Style Table in Antique Pine
A vintage and rustic English pine table made from antique elements and...
$1, 750.00
Antique American Empire Chest of Drawers with Vanity Mirror, Maine, c.1835
44" wide x 22" deep x 74" high Circa: 1835 Period: 19th Century...
$1, 800.00
American Cow Hide Chair, 20th Century
22" wide x 33" deep x 41" high A Sturdy vintage reclining chair with cow...
$1, 850.00
American Dough Box or Chest in Faux Bois Finish, circa 1900
27" long x 17 3/4" wide x 21 3/4" high. A small American dough box with...
$1, 850.00
German Biedermeier Vitrine in Ash, circa 1835
An early Biedermeier cabinet in beautiful ash wood whose etched glass upper...
$3, 890.00
$1, 945.00
William IV Canterbury or Sheet Music Rack in Rosewood with Fretwork, circa 1830
An exquisite English sheet music rack or Canterbury in prized rosewood with...
$2, 020.00
Pair of Flemish "Chaufeusse" Chairs, circa 1860
A very lovely pair of "chaufeusse" chairs in mahogany with upholstered seat....
$2, 150.00
Swedish Gustavian End Table on Tri-foot Pedestal w/ Grey/White Paint, c. 1825
A charming & small Gustavian end table with rectangular top on tri-foot...
$2, 150.00
19th Century Chinese Grain Bin
39" long x 29" wide x 28" high. A storage container for rice or wheat in...
$2, 250.00
Arts & Crafts Bar Cabinet in Oak with Carved Panels, England, circa 1900
A handsome and rather singular Arts & Crafts bar cabinet in oak with...
$3, 750.00
$2, 250.00
Pair of painted Gustavian style side chairs, c.1900
18.50" wide x 15" deep x 34.50" high, seat height 17.50" Circa: 1900...
$2, 250.00
Vintage Rustic American Long-Horn Steer Chair with Leather Seat, circa 1960s
A captivating chair composed of symmetrically-placed horns from Texas...
$4, 250.00
$2, 250.00
19th Century Chinese Round Export Table with Revolving Book Stand
An ebonized Chinese export table with two revolving tiers for books and...
$3, 250.00
$2, 275.00
German Louis Philippe Chest of Drawers in Pine, circa 1850
About A lovely German Louis Philippe or early Gründerzeit chest in pine...
$2, 290.00
Napoleon III Side Table
16" wide x 12" deep x 32" high Napoleon III side table with original...
$2, 290.00
Qing Cabinet in Elm with Cinnabar Red Lacquer & Carved Peonies, Circa 1800
A very beautiful Chinese cabinet in elm with original cinnabar (red) lacquer...
$2, 950.00
$2, 295.00
19th Century English Country Pine Dresser with Flight of Drawers and Cupboard
A charming English country dresser in natural, light-colored pine with a...
$2, 450.00
Empire Revival Stool in Mahogany with Ormolu, France, circa 1900
14" square x 19.5" high. Reupholstered Circa: 1900 Period: 20th...
$2, 450.00
Marquetry Armchair with Satinwood Inlays, New York, circa 1890
21" wide x 18" deep x 44 1/2" high A late 19th century New York armchair...
$2, 450.00
English Bed Bench in Pine, circa 1800
A charming pine bench with paneled back that opens to house a feather...
$3, 550.00
$2, 490.00
Chinese Table with Black Lacquer & Three Drawers, circa 1780
A very handsome 19th century Qing dynasty Chinese table on square legs with...
$3, 750.00
$2, 550.00
Carved Oak Marriage or Dowry Chest, dated 1735
A Baroque dower chest or trunk with portico carvings and the carved name of...
$3, 750.00
$2, 650.00
Alpine Coffee Table in Oak, c. 1890
43" wide x 34" deep x 22.5" high Circa: 1890 Period: 19th Century...
$2, 690.00
French Bamboo Slant-Top Desk with Original Japanning, c. 1880
A charming writing desk with slant top in bamboo with faux tortoise-shell...
$2, 690.00
Antique Sewing Table in Walnut, Northern Europe, c. 1870
23.25" wide x 15.5" deep x 29.25" high. Circa: 1870 Period: 19th...
$2, 750.00
Contemporary Custom Console Table with Inlaid Bamboo and Palmwood Top
A very beautiful narrow table with sleek lines, featuring a finely inlaid top...
$5, 750.00
$2, 750.00
French Antique Louis Philippe Style Armchair in Walnut, c. 1870
A beautiful Napoleon III Fauteuil in walnut with carved flowers in high...
$2, 750.00
Lancaster County American Empire Faux-Grained Chest of Drawers, circa 1830
From Lancaster county in Pennsylvania, this American Empire chest features an...
$4, 750.00
$2, 750.00
Pair of Antique French Indochinese Bamboo Lounge Chairs with Upholstery
26" wide x 23" deep x 47 1/2" high A striking pair of lounge chairs with...
$4, 250.00
$2, 750.00
Pair of Art Deco Chairs in Birch with Upholstered Seat
19" wide x 16" deep x 33.5" high. A pair of Swedish Art Deco chairs in...
$2, 750.00
Small Renaissance Style Dining Table or Writing Desk in Oak
51 1/2" long x 31 1/2" wide x 29 3/4" high A handsome table in oak with...
$2, 750.00
Swedish Belle Époque Bench in Gilded & Polychrome Wood with Upholstered Seat, circa 1900
43" long x 15" deep x 19 1/2" high. A Swedish Empire style bench in...
$2, 750.00
Antique Oval Dining Table in Birch
56" long x 40" deep x 30.25" high. A beautiful extension dining...
$2, 790.00
Hungarian Armoire in Pine with original carved bonnet and carved door panels, c. 1865
45 1/2" wide x 19" deep x 79 1/2" high Circa: 1865 Period: 19th Century...
$2, 890.00
Austrian Armoire in Pine with Single Door and Arched Top, circa 1830
A charming pine armoire with arched top and carved rose embellishments on the...
$2, 950.00
French Louis XIII Revival Cupboard in Carved Oak
A Renaissance Revival Cupboard or Vaiselier in the style of Louis XIII from...
$4, 250.00
$2, 975.00
Shaving Stand in mahogany with marquetry in tulip-wood & kingswood, Holland, c. 1835
An exceptionally beautiful shaving stand in mahogany with marquetry in...
$4, 250.00
$2, 975.00
Pair of Philadelphia Chippendale Style Chairs in Mahogany, c. 1870
Circa: 1870 Period: 19th Century Style: Chippendale
$2, 980.00
19th Century French Cupboard or Vaiselier in Oak
52" wide x 22" deep x 81 1/2" high A lovely early 19th century country...
$3, 200.00
Qing Table in Elm with Original Cinnabar Lacquer, China, c. 1790
17.5" wide x 12" deep x 31.5" high Circa: 1700 Period: 17th Century...
$3, 200.00
Louis XV "Garde Manger a Tiroir" /Cupboard in Cherry, Brittany, France, c. 1760
A rare and charming Louix XV "Garde Manger a Tiroir" from Brittany, France,...
$6, 490.00
$3, 245.00
18th Century Scandinavian Baroque Corner Cupboard in Pine
A charming Baroque corner cupboard with arched pediment top and two bowed...
$3, 250.00
Antique French Belle Epoque Armchair in Mahogany, c.1870
Circa: 1870 Period: 19th Century Origin: France Style: Belle Epoque
$3, 250.00
Austrian/ Hungarian Rustic Pine Armoire, circa 1840
A lovely armoire in honey-colored pine with carved crown molding over two...
$3, 250.00
Flemish Renaissance Style Bookcase Vitrine in Walnut
A tall Renaissance style Flemish cupboard or bookcase in walnut with glass...
$5, 450.00
$3, 250.00
French Belle Epoque Table with Parquetry, Marquetry and Ormolu Mounts, c. 1870
French Belle Époque Table in the style of Louis XV with parquetry, marquetry...
$6, 500.00
$3, 250.00
German Louis Philippe Pine Armoire Outfitted with Drawers, circa 1860
44" wide x 19.5" deep x 75" high. A lovely Louis Philippe armoire in pine...
$3, 250.00
Hand-Painted Hans Christian Andersen Pine Desk with Five Drawers, circa 1850
A "Hans Christian Andersen Desk" in pine on turned legs offering five drawers...
$4, 250.00
$3, 250.00
Hepplewhite Chest of Drawers or Bureau in Mahogany, circa 1800
36 3/4" wide x 22" deep x 42 1/2" high. A Hepplewhite chest in mahogany...
$5, 250.00
$3, 250.00
Louis XVI Style Bed in Original Gray/Green Paint, circa 1890
A lovely bed in the Louis XVI style with turned and fluted columns flanking...
$3, 250.00
Pair of 20th Century Sheraton Style Twin Beds with Turned and Carved Short Posts
A lovely pair of twin beds in solid mahogany in the Sheraton style with low...
$3, 250.00
Set of Six Arts & Crafts Dining Chairs with Upholstered Seat, Scandinavian, circa 1900
A set of six Arts & Crafts or Jugendstil dining chairs in painted wood with...
$5, 250.00
$3, 250.00
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Bonnin Ashley Antiques imports the highest quality Antique Furniture, Vintage Furniture, Antiques and Collectibles from across the world. Collection includes American, Asian, French, English, European, Scandinavian Antiques and more. Our antiques are meticulously reviewed for quality and authenticity, and carefully restored. What you see online does not represent our entire inventory. If you don't see what you are searching for, please feel free to send us an e-mail inquiry.